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Home Girl

The story of Naomi, a teenage girl growing up fast in the care system. It is a wholly modern story which sheds a much needed light on what can be an unsettling life - and the consequences that can follow when children are treated like pawns on a family chessboard.


Atom/Little BrownUK

Antje Kunstmann Verlag

Akashic USA

Au Diable Vauvert France

Recorded Books Audio USA
WFHowes Audio UK



'Studded with Wheatle's characteristic slang, Naomi's story is both heartbreaking and hilarious, offering no easy happy endings, but a flickering sense of hope.' the Guardian

‘An author with great talent and great heart’  David Almond

‘Alex is a one of our foremost literary activists, giving voice to the black working class experience with unsurpassed clarity and compassion. For this alone he should be universally considered a national treasure’  Stephen Kelman

'I love Alex and all he stands for in the world of literature'  Kerry Hudson

'Alex Wheatle is the real deal; he writes with heart and authenticity, books that make you laugh and worry and cry and hold your breath. It's a pity there's only one of him'  Kit de Waal

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