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Kerb Stain Boys

Life on the Crongton estate can be rough for Briggy. Dad's lost his job, Mum's working so hard to make ends meet, and big brother Kingsley just wants out. With all of the shouting and arguing it's difficult not to get lost in the mix. So when his best mate Terror and coolest chick in the year Caldonia, cook up a plan to make a quick buck, Briggy hopes this time it might be his chance to shine. Robbing the Post Office ... what could go wrong?

Nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2020


Barrington Stoke

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‘A novella as appallingly riveting as a car crash in slow motion... Wheatle's characteristic invented slang is the perfect medium for this hilarious yet hard hitting story’


'A welcome return to one of the toughest estates in a wise, witty urban novella'

The Bookseller

‘This book is a blast of fresh air and will appeal to all types of teenagers, from the booky to absolute reluctants. The humorous cusses bandied about by the main characters are like a book version of a rap battle, and as always with Alex Wheatle’s writing, there’s a core of morality and exploring the real feelings of teenagers honestly. A hilarious, thrilling and ultimately uplifting read.’


'Wheatle revists his popular Crongton estate universe with Kerb-Stain Boys.. a gripping and quick read for both reluctant and sophisticated readers'

Irish Times

'This wickedly sharp teeen noir novella ticks all the right boxes for an inspiring read for teens who feel trampled in the wake of this unforgiving world... a compelling, voice-driven narrative packed with action and humour from start to finish'

Common Space

‘Alex Wheatle serves up an invigorating slice of teen life starring three kids growing up on his fictional Crongton estate. Briggy and Terror have been best friends for years but Terror’s romance with the gorgeous, super-cool Caldonia threatens to push them apart. So when Terror comes up with a ‘cadazy’ plan to rob the Crongton post office, for the sake of their friendship Briggy has no choice but to go along with it. As the boys plan their heist, normal life goes on, with tension at home making Briggy’s get-rich-quick dreams even more powerful. Sharp, funny, moving and written in rat-a-tat sentences that turn teen speak into a kind of poetry. Brilliant.’


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