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In the Ends

WELCOME TO CRONGTON – where your loyalties and wits will be tested…

Things have been quiet in South Crongton. It’s been an age since anyone last spotted Manjaro, South Crong’s most notorious warlord. But there have been murmurs that something is coming.
Jonah is the fastest sprinter in South Crong, and has his sights set on an Olympic Medal one day. But with his dad now jobless, and his parents constant fighting because they can’t make ends meet, Jonah has more on his mind than the North/South Crong gang war games.
So when he gets kidnapped and taken to Manjaro’s secret hideout, it’s the last thing Jonah needs. But Manjaro’s latest game comes with a map and the promise of a big bag of cash at the end. Jonah’s family, and his parents’ marriage, could be saved with all that cash! It’s time for Jonah to rally the Crongton Knights again and follow the clues.

But will the map lead them to treasure, or something much more deadly?


Alex Wheatle - Crongton In the Ends cover.jpg

Hachette Children’s UK

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